Frink Sample Programs

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Below is a collection of sample Frink programs. Another good source for common tasks can be found at Rosetta Code's Frink page.

You can also download all of these sample programs in a single zipfile,
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allFactors[text] Calculates all factors of a number (not just prime factors.)
ArbitraryPrecision[text] Calculates some functions (e.g. log and exp) to arbitrary precision.
baseball[text] Calculates trajectory of a baseball.
bert[text] Calculates the probability of two first names appearing in the same movie.
binarySearch[text] Routines for binary-searching an ordered list.
bitcoin[text] Obtain current Bitcoin exchange rates.
bitwiseXOR[text] Calculates a bitwise XOR function for arbitrarily-large numbers.
ChineseNumbers[text] Formats integers into their Chinese equivalents (formal and casual)
classtest[text] A sample of object-oriented programming; demonstrates writing and using a class specification.
closestFraction[text] Routines for finding the closest fraction to a number. Also see continuedFraction.frink .
commonTransformations[text] Demonstrates Frink's ability to perform symbolic calculations, including solving equations and taking derivatives.
compound[text] Routines for calculating masses of chemical compounds.
continuedFraction[text] Routines for generating continued fraction representations of numbers.
ConvexHull[text] Calculates (and optionally plots) the convex hull of a set of points.
CoordinateConversions[text] Converts latitude and longitude to and from UTM coordinates.
Country[text] Contains polygons for the outlines for all of the countries in the world.
Datum[text] A data structure used to represent the ellipsoidal shape of the earth, used in various navigation routines.
daylight[text] Calculates duration of daylight over the course of a year.
derivatives[text] Transformation rules for finding derivatives of expressions.
DiscreteDistribution[text] Allows you to randomly choose items based on a specified probability distribution.
e[text] Calculates the digits of e, the base of the natural logarithm, to arbitrary precision.
elements[text] A basic periodic table of the elements.
exectest[text] Demonstrates starting external processes using Frink's ability to call Java code.
Fourier[text] Routines for discrete and fast Fourier transforms (FFT) of data.
geometry[text] Functions for planar geometry.
hints[text] Provides hints and help for common errors in Frink calculations.
holeearthfullgradient[text] Calculates time to fall through a hole in the center of the earth with realistic model of densities.
holeearthgradient[text] Calculates time to fall through a hole in the center of the earth with overly-simplistic model of densities.
holeearthuniform[text] Calculates time to fall through a hole in the center of the earth with naïve uniform density model.
homonyms[text] Finds homophones of words.
HTMLUtils[text] Utilities for processing HTML.
JacobiSymbol[text] Functions for calculating the Jacobi symbol and Legendre symbol.
JVMinfo[text] Displays the properties of your Java Virtual Machine. Demonstrates use of Java Introspection.
LogIntegral[text] Calculates the logarithmic integral Li[x].
lottery[text] Routines for calculating lottery odds.
LucasLehmer[text] Implements the Lucas-Lehmer test for proving primality of Mersenne primes.
Maidenhead[text] Converts between lat/long and Maidenhead coordinates.
mandelbrot[text] Draws a Mandelbrot set in plain text.
mandelbrotGraphics[text] Draws a Mandelbrot set as graphics.
mithengecorridor[text] Data for the Infinite Corridor at MIT.
mithengemoon[text] Calculates moon alignments with MIT's Infinite Corridor.
mithengesun[text] Calculates sun alignments in MIT's Infinite Corridor.
navigation[text] A library of high-precision calculations for navigating on the earth.
note[text] Functions for converting frequencies to musical notes.
palindromicNumbers[text] Finds palindromic numbers by the "reverse and add" method.
pi2[text] Calculates π to arbitrary precision.
planets[text] A library to calculate the positions of the the planets to high accuracy using the VSOP87 theory.
pollardP-1[text] An implementation of the Pollard p-1 factoring algorithm.
Processes[text] Contains functions for launching external processes from Frink.
quine[text] A program that prints its own source.
randomDistribution[text] Randomly selects elements from a discrete set with a known distribution.
relativity[text] Functions for various relativistic equations, including black holes and relativistic rockets.
RiemannZeta[text] Calculates values of the Riemann Zeta function.
root[text] Finds roots of numbers to arbitrary precision.
siderealtime[text] Calculates Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time.
sieve[text] Sieve of Eratosthenes to find prime numbers.
simplegraph[text] An simple but interesting program that uses interval arithmetic to plot equations.
solve[text] A simple program that solves a variety of algebraic equations.
solvingTransformations[text] A library of transformation rules to solve algebraic equations.
StandardAtmosphere[text] A class which implements the U.S. Standard Atmosphere of 1976. This allows calculation of pressure, temperature, air density, speed of sound, etc. at varying altitudes.
StandardAtmosphereTest[text] Contains examples of doing standard atmosphere calculations.
statistics[text] Functions for statistics including the forward and inverse error function, the normal distribution, etc.
stellarMagnitude[text] Functions for converting between stellar magnitudes, power fluxes, and total power emitted.
stock[text] Fetches stock prices from the internet.
sun[text] A massive library of astronomical calculations to find positions of the sun, moon, and other calculations.
sunplot[text] Creates data to plot the location of the sun for an entire year.
sunrise[text] Calculates times of sunrise, sunset, and twilights.
timezonediff[text] Calculates the difference between two time zones.
trigram[text] Program to find the most frequent n-letter patterns in words.
water[text] Calculates properties of water and steam to high accuracy using the IAPWS-95 model.
waterVapor[text] Calculates the absolute and relative humidity and partial vapor pressure of water.
webspider[text] Simple program to find all of the links in an HTML page.
wheelgame3[text] Simulator to find optimum play for the big-wheel-spinnin' "Showcase Showdown" game on The Price Is Right
WilliamsPPlus1[text] Factorization using the Williams p+1 factorization method.
xmldump[text] Demonstrates dumping units in an XML format.
ziplocator[text] Locates latitude and longitude of U.S. zip codes (requires data file)

Descriptions of the following programs will be added later:

100doors 16Animali 16AnimaliBox 16Pesci
16PesciBox 99bottles 99bottles2 9billionnames
abundantNumbers accelerationSolver AgencyInitiation AhlsBenchmark
airfoil airfoilExtrudeTest airfoilExtrudeTestNew airfoilPoster
allFactors2 allTransforms almostPrime altAzimuthToXYZTest
Amazon amicableNumbers anagramchallenge anagramlog
anagramQuandary anamorph animate animateJupiterMoons
arbitrarySqrt ArcTest ArmillarySphere army
ArnaultTest AudioSystemTest autumnEquinoxPlot average
babbage BallBearing ballgame ballistics2D
barcode baseconv baseConversionTest baseConversionTiming
baseConversionTuner basetiming BBP Beaufort
benchmark1 BenfordsLaw BernoulliNumbers biathlon
bigcoord BinarySplitting BinarySplittingExp BinarySplittingFactorial
BinarySplittingPi BinaryWriter birdhouse Boggle
boilingPointTest BooleanTransformations BoulderArtsAndMaths27 boyGirlPuzzle
Braille BrailleTest breaktest Brix
BruteForce BullsAndCows CacheFreeGDMII caltrops
cambridgetemp cambridgetempFourier candleHolder cantorOrdering
cap3D CarTalkPuzzle CarTalkPuzzle2 chainGuide
ChineseMarch ChineseRemainderTheorem chopsticks circleTest
circularOrbit classRedefinitionTest ClipTest ClipTestPolygon
codeBlocks collatorTest collectTransformations colorboxes
colorillusion colorspace colorsPuzzle cometCap
commentTest constraintAllDifferent constraintNQueens constraintSorter
constraintSudoku constraintSudokuTest consttest convergatron
convergatron2 ConwaysLife CoordinateTransformerTest CoriolisBall
CoriolisKick CornbreadCache correlation correlationTest
countryHeatMap CrackTheCode crossstitch cryptoAES256
cryptoCircuitPuzzle cryptoProviders cryptotest crystalradio
currencySymbols curvefit curveFit curveFitTest
cylindricalEmbossGrayTest cylindricalEmbossTest DeadDrop deBruijn
decheckerboard decipherbible decipherrabbit decodeBuilt
decrypt Deducer deltat Derby
derbyDraw derbytrack derbytrack2 descriptorsFogus
DigitalPerfection DigitalPerfection2 digitalSundial DivideAndConquer
dollarConvert DonutCutter drawCountries drawDymaxion
drawJupiterSaturn drawMD5 drawPlanets drawSaturn
drawSolarSystem drawVenus dreidel dreidelShaft
DriveYaNuts dropperHolder dumpExpression dumpUnits
DuncanDecode DurinsDay Dymaxion earthdisttest
EarthTemperature eBinarySplitting eclipse ECM
ellipsoidTest embossEgg EmilysFourthHour emirp
encoding encodings epochClock epochClockBinary
error exactSeasons exponentialSpiral exponentialSpiralIn
exponentialSpiralOut extrudeTest factor factor2
factorableWords factorFactorial factorsOf10 fetchweather
fibonacci fibonacciSpiral fireworks flag
floatingPointBase floatTiming floodFillTest FloydSteinbergDither
fontDetails fontList fontsWithGlyphs FontWidthEstimatorBuilder
forensicSeismology formatEquation formatterTest formatTest
fortest fortest2 fortest3 Fourier2d
FourierImage FourierImageTest fourierTemp fouriertest
FourierUtils FresnelZonePlate frinklog FrinkRulesAmbigram
fryer FTPUpload functionUtils functionUtilsTest
GaiaTest GaiaTestColumns GaiaTestGalactic GalileoJupiterMoons
Game GEBCube GEBCube2 GelfandsQuestion
GeneralPathClipTest GeneralPathExample GeneralPathExamples generalPathMatch
GeneralPathTest geocaching GeometricMedian GeometricMedianTest
GoogleEarth GoogleTranslate gradingProblem Graph
graph3D graphemesTest graphicalSieve graphicsAddTest
graphicsTest graphpaper graphRiemannZeta GraphTest
GrayCodes grayscaleBars greatCircleMap GreatPyramid
Grid gripper guitoolstest gyrojet
gzipMemory harvest harvest2 hemispheres
hexaflexagon hexaflexagonImage hinttest HubbleUDF
humanBodySurface hyperoperation iau1980 IEEE754
iftest ikeaBowlHolder impossibleSphere increasingPuzzle
IndianAstronomy inertialNav inputtest integrals
interfacetest IntervalIntegrate intervaltest inverseSinusoidal
ioioThermalTest isometricProjection jennyMoonVenus jigglyNumberPuzzle
jotto JoyDivision JoyDivisionAnimated juliaGraphics
JupiterMoons JupiterSaturnConvergence KaplinskyPuzzle KaplinskyPuzzleSmall
karatsuba karatsubaTest kittyHockeyPuck knapsack
knapsackTest koodipuzzle lambda LambertW
largestTweetablePrime latitudeComparison latitudeComparison2 LatLongToUTM
launchdrag LeastSquares LeastSquaresTest lefthand
leftTruncatablePrimes letterFrequency letterGraph lettergrid
LiarLiarII lineWrapper linkFAQ listCountries
listFonts listFunctions listUnits lncheck
longestWord lowestFactor lsim L-system
L-system-animated makeCountries manhattanhengemoon manhattanhengesun
mapDymaxion mapStates mapStatesSinusoidal mapTest
mapTimeTest mapTimezones MarsAtmosphere MarsAtmospherePlot
MarsMeteor mastermind mastermindDeducer mastermindGeogebra
MathML Matrix MatrixInvert MatrixLUTest
MatrixQRTest maximize McKellarPuzzle MD5crack
medievalPlanets meeus33a meeus47a meeus47b
MercuryTransit mersenne mersennetest mersennetiming
meteorCrater MicroRevengeCache midisynth MischaOrnament
mithengefoner mithengeplanets mithengereverse mithengereverse2
mithengereverse3 mithengereverse4 mithengereverse8 mithengeSirius
mnemonics mnemonicsMajor modTest modtimetest
modtimetest2 MollweideProjection MomTetrahedron MonthWithoutAFullMoon
moon3D moon3DSolid moonangle mooncomparison
moonDrawingTest moonPlanetPlot moonPositionAngle moonsize
moonsizecut mooreslaw mugCap multifortest
multifortest2 multiline multinexttest MultiplicationFrustration
musicalscale namefreq NancyDrewDogsPuzzle NewtonDivision
NewtonsMethod nextLargestPrime nextPrimeTest nonterm
normalCurve normalCurve2 normalCurve3 nozeroes
numberCheckerboard OneRingEmboss oonapuzzle optimumLaunch
orbit orbitalBurn OrderedList organisms
Othello outputtest paintAlongHullTest paniqPuzzle
parametric3D parametric3DTest parseIntTest partitions
PascalsTriangle passportpic pegGame PerfectionPiece
perihelion PetersProjection pi piChudnovsky
piChudnovskyNew piPoster piRamanujan pixelAveragingTest
planarEmbossTest planarSundial planetDistance planetLocations
Plot3D plotCambridgeTemp plotConvergence Pochhammer
pokerhands polygonTest ponderThis201004 ponderThis201004b
powerTransformations predictSequence previousPrimeTest PrimeAndPrejudice
primebits primechain primeCountTest primelist
primeQuadruples primeQuadruplets primesInPi primetest
primetest2 primetest3 primorial printerResolutionTest
printPi PriorityQueueTest proctest properDivisors
pseudoprimes PSLQ pumpHolder punctuationCipher
pushclasstest pushtest qrcode QRCodeEgg
qrcodeembroider quadtree randomprime ReadASpecificLine
RecursiveParseString RecursiveParseStringNative regression RelativisticKineticEnergyTest
repeatingDigits returnTest rewriteImage Richter
RiemannPrime RightStuff risesetchart rollForIntelligence
rootGUITest RosettaCodeUnimplemented rosettaify rot13
roundedCubeTest RSA Rump safePrimes
SaturnChristmas saturnRingAngle scarfquine scarfquine1
scarfquinetest screwThreads screwThreadsTest screwThreadsTest3Start
screwThreadsTestRing secant showFonts shuffleTest
SierpinskiCarpet signetRing similarUnits simplegraph2
simplegraph3 simplegraph4 simplegraph5 simulatedOverload
sizesort SlideRule Sneaky1 Sneaky2
socatprime SolarCooker SolarCooker2 Solver
SolverTest solveTest solveTest2 solveTrigonometric
sorttest sousvide sousvideTy spheresProblem
spheresProblem2 sphericalEmbossGrayTest sphericalEmbossTest spiral
springEquinoxPlot sqrtWayne squarePuzzle squeezy
squeezy2 StarTram stirling Stirling
StirlingCoefficients stocktest strongPseudoprimeTest strongPsuedoprimeTest
Sudoku SudokuSmooth sumdigits summerSolsticePlot
sumTo100 suntest suntimetest supertoroidTest
systemSolver systemSolver2 systemSolverDemo systemSolverTest
systemSolverTest2 T9 TAIMinusUTC TAK
TangentNumbers TaylorSeries TelescopeViewfinder TelescopeViewfinder2
temperatureFrequency testBaseConversions textAlignTest textAlignTest2
textcenter textcenter3 textcenterfixed thermalTest
thermocouple2 thermocouple3 thermocouple4 TicTacToe
TierraEstella timeFullMoon timefunc TLE
tns toiletScrew tongs tongsRounded
TopHat3D torusTest toStringTest TowersOfHanoi
transit transit3 TravellersDilemma Tree
treehouseRollingPin TreeTest trs80ify tryTest
Tupper TupperGen tvaspect TysonTweet
undocumentedFunctions Unicode unicodeGraphics unicodeGraphics2
UnitMathHelper unittable universeNote use
usehttp useparent UT1 UTMtest
VacuumNozzle vaporize2 vd vectorTiming
VenusApparent venusPositionAngle verifySSH VINChecker
VoxelArrayTest VoxelPolygonTest VoxelRotatedPolygonTest VoxelRotateTest
VoxelSolidOfRotation VoxelStrokePolygonTest VoxelTaperedPolygonTest VoxelXYZRotateTest
vsop87 Water1984 water2unicode waterold
waterUnicode wheelgame windchill winterSolsticePlot
WordFrequency Words wordTransform Writer
WWIICache wynnhenge wynnhengemoon xkcd287
XtotheX XtotheXbetter YCbCr YentzenPuzzle
ZehnGray ZipFile

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