Alan Eliasen -- Things I Made From Yarn

FrinkLearn about the Frink calculating tool and programming language.
Of all the things on this site, this is the one you need.
Try FrinkTry Frink in a web-based interface.
Blackjack Strategy TableLearn to play Blackjack.
Blackjack OddsLearn how much you'll lose at blackjack.
Mark Twain LibrarySome of the works of my favorite author in HTML format.
The APEAlan's Programming Environment -- Free programming tools on a CD.
The APEXInstallers for the APE.
Download your own APEGet the latest version of the APE.
E-mail Spam FilterRead your e-mail and filter out the spam.
Web Security TipsThe top 15 things you can do to make your web applications more (or less!) secure.
Model Solar System Calculator Create your own model solar system of any scale.
Sun Locator Find current position of the sun.
Moon Locator Find current position of the moon.
Historical Currency Converter Find out "how much is that worth now?"
Name Frequency Calculator See how common your name is in the U.S.
Chinese Number Drill Test your recognition of Chinese numbers.
Chinese Number Worksheet Generator Printable worksheets of Chinese numbers.
Geocaching Tools Calculations and mapping for geocaching or navigation.
Random Name Generator Generate random names for people.
SteganographyHide secret messages or files in pictures.
Word LookupFind words that match a specified pattern.
ScramblorA program to find good 7- and 8-letter Scrabble words.
Bust a RhymeFind rhymes for any word.
Anagram GeneratorScramble letters to make new words.
Codename GeneratorRandom codenames for your next black op.
SacagaweaOptimize your country's currency system to use fewer coins.
Gene SimulatorTrack the extinction of bad genes.
Ahoy-hoy!Make an old-school telephone number.
GPG Tutorial and Public KeyMy GPG tutorial and my public key for sending me encrypted communications.
MIThengePredictions for sun and moon alignments with MIT's Infinite Corridor.
BlogMy meager technical blog.
Futureboy Merchandise Futureboy Logo Get official Futureboy clothing and more!

Alan Eliasen,
Twitter: @aeliasen