Sun Locator

Latitude: degrees
Longitude: degrees

Time: AD 2022-08-09 AM 05:43:52.159 (Tue) Mountain Daylight Time

From latitude 39.5856° N, longitude 104.89598° W:

The sun is located 4.8050° below the horizon (rising)
True compass bearing: 64.9185°

On date 2022-08-09:

Astronomical twilight begins04:22:47 AM MDT
Nautical twilight begins05:01:22 AM MDT
Civil twilight begins05:37:07 AM MDT
Sunrise06:06:07 AM MDT(in 22 min, 15 sec)at bearing 68.5540°
Transit01:05:04 PM MDT(in 7 hours, 21 min, 12 sec)at altitude 66.1085°
 Daylight duration13 hours, 57 minutes, 16 seconds
Sunset08:03:23 PM MDT(in 14 hours, 19 min, 31 sec)at bearing 291.2194°
Civil twilight ends08:32:17 PM MDT
Nautical twilight ends09:07:53 PM MDT
Astronomical twilight ends09:46:14 PM MDT

View source of This FSP page or the astronomical library used by this code. Also see the moon locator.

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