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The following is a list of files contained in the "Frink with Libraries" distribution. (Requires Java Web Start.)

Any of these libraries can be included by simply adding the appropriate "use" statement to your program, such as

use sun.frink

You can also download all sample programs in a single zipfile,

ArbitraryPrecision.frink[text] Calculates some functions (e.g. log and exp) to arbitrary precision.
ChineseNumbers.frink[text] Formats integers into their Chinese equivalents (formal and casual)
CoordinateConversions.frink[text] Converts latitude and longitude to and from UTM coordinates.
Datum.frink[text] A data structure used to represent the ellipsoidal shape of the earth, used in various navigation routines.
HTMLUtils.frink[text] Utilities for processing HTML.
JVMinfo.frink[text] Displays the properties of your Java Virtual Machine. Demonstrates use of Java Introspection.
LogIntegral.frink[text] Calculates the logarithmic integral Li[x].
Maidenhead.frink[text] Converts between lat/long and Maidenhead coordinates.
RiemannZeta.frink[text] Calculates values of the Riemann Zeta function.
StandardAtmosphere.frink[text] A class which implements the U.S. Standard Atmosphere of 1976. This allows calculation of pressure, temperature, air density, speed of sound, etc. at varying altitudes.
allFactors.frink[text] Calculates all factors of a number (not just prime factors.)
binarySearch.frink[text] Routines for binary-searching an ordered list.
bitwiseXOR.frink[text] Calculates a bitwise XOR function for arbitrarily-large numbers.
closestFraction.frink[text] Routines for finding the closest fraction to a number. Also see continuedFraction.frink .
commonTransformations.frink[text] Demonstrates Frink's ability to perform symbolic calculations, including solving equations and taking derivatives.
compound.frink[text] Routines for calculating masses of chemical compounds.
continuedFraction.frink[text] Routines for generating continued fraction representations of numbers.
derivatives.frink[text] Transformation rules for finding derivatives of expressions.
elements.frink[text] A basic periodic table of the elements.
geometry.frink[text] Functions for planar geometry.
lottery.frink[text] Routines for calculating lottery odds.
navigation.frink[text] A library of high-precision calculations for navigating on the earth.
note.frink[text] Functions for converting frequencies to musical notes.
pi2.frink[text] Calculates π to arbitrary precision.
planets.frink[text] A library to calculate the positions of the the planets to high accuracy using the VSOP87 theory.
randomDistribution.frink[text] Randomly selects elements from a discrete set with a known distribution.
root.frink[text] Finds roots of numbers to arbitrary precision.
solve.frink[text] A simple program that solves a variety of algebraic equations.
solvingTransformations.frink[text] A library of transformation rules to solve algebraic equations.
statistics.frink[text] Functions for statistics including the forward and inverse error function, the normal distribution, etc.
stock.frink[text] Fetches stock prices from the internet.
sun.frink[text] A massive library of astronomical calculations to find positions of the sun, moon, and other calculations.
timezonediff.frink[text] Calculates the difference between two time zones.

Descriptions of the following programs will be added later:

BooleanTransformations.frink allTransforms.frink integrals.frink pi.frink
powerTransformations.frink solveTrigonometric.frink

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