Steganographic Encoder

This form uses steganography techniques to hide a secret message (or even another file) in a JPEG image, or a WAV or AU audio file. The changes to the file should be invisible to any casual observer. Once you submit, you should be prompted to save your modified file.

If the payload is too large, (more than about 10% the size of the image for small images, closer to 20% for larger images) this may fail silently. You may wish to find the capacity of the file below before embedding data in it.

Select a JPEG, AU or WAV file to upload:

Password (may be blank):

Payload (select the appropriate radio button to either enter payload text directly or upload a file):

Once you've encoded, try to decode a file, or compare the differences between your original file and the file you've just decoded.

These pages use the steghide program to perform steganography, and the files generated are fully compatible with steghide.

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