Model Solar System

Scale Sizes

Scale is 1:140147451

NameDistance from SunDiameter
Sun 32 feet, 7.2 in
Mercury 1355 feet, 8.0 in 1.37 in
Venus 2532 feet, 11.4 in 3.4 in
Earth 3502 feet, 0.9 in 3.579 in
Mars 1 miles, 56 feet 1.909 in
Jupiter 3 miles, 2386 feet 3 feet, 3.3 in
Saturn 6 miles, 1782 feet 2 feet, 9.9 in
Uranus 12 miles, 3850 feet 1 feet, 2.4 in
Neptune 19 miles, 4956 feet 1 feet, 1.9 in
Pluto 26 miles, 1155 feet 0.666 in

Scaled speed of light: 4.785 mph

Define Your Scale

This page calculates the sizes of objects in a model solar system.

To determine a scale, enter a scaled size in only one of the boxes below. The size should be entered both as the number and its units of measurement, for example, if you want Jupiter to be 6 feet 6 inches in diameter, enter 6.5 feet or, alternately, 6 feet + 6 in (the plus sign is necessary) in the box for Jupiter's diameter.

You can use just about any length (usually in lowercase) in singular or plural, such as foot, feet, meter, meters, m, inch, inches, in, miles, yards, cm, mm, millimeters, centimeters, cm, micrometers, nanometers, nm, gigameters, Gm, rods, furlongs, kilometers, km, league, marathon, etc.

NameDistance from SunDiameter

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