Frink Server Pages Charset Test

This page tests how well your browser, my server, the Frink parser, Frink output routines, and Frink Server Pages, support Unicode characters. Frink Server Pages are, by default, set out with charset=UTF-8, allowing for display of all Unicode characters. Your font must also have glyphs for all characters, or your browser should know how to fall back gracefully to find an appropriate font containing that glyph.

All of these pieces must work correctly to display the below characters. I find 100% correct results with Mozilla, Netscape 6+, Opera, Galeon, Phoenix, and poor results (more than half of the characters displayed incorrectly) with Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 4.x or earlier (which produces better results on Linux), Konqueror, and Lynx (although even the old text-mode Lynx surprisingly gives reasonable fallback results that are better than IE, showing results like "Ang.", "Ohm", "hbar", "oF" and so on, rather than drawing an empty rectangle.)

If you're using Mozilla, or Netscape 6+, or another modern browser that allows you to select stylesheets, this page has several stylesheets you can switch between to see how the characters are rendered in different fonts and sizes. (In Netscape/Mozilla, this option is found on your menubar under View | Use Style.)

Name Symbol Value
Pi π 3.141592653589793238
Planck's constant 132521403/200000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (exactly 6.62607015e-34) m^2 s^-1 kg (angular_momentum)
hbar, or Planck's constant / (2 π) 1.0545718176461563914e-34 m^2 s^-1 kg (angular_momentum)
microsecond µs 1/1000000 (exactly 0.000001) s (time)

The following table displays all known units that have extended characters.

Symbol Value
1 i
1 i
1/10000000000 (exactly 1e-10) m (length)
1 m^2 s^-3 kg A^-2 (electric_resistance)
1.0545718176461563914e-34 m^2 s^-1 kg (angular_momentum)
132521403/200000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (exactly 6.62607015e-34) m^2 s^-1 kg (angular_momentum)
5/9 (approx. 0.55555555555555556) K (temperature)
σₜ6.6524587321e-29 m^2 (area)
σₑ6.6524587321e-29 m^2 (area)
μ₀0.00000125663706212 m s^-2 kg A^-2 (permeability)
ε₀8.8541878128e-12 m^-3 s^4 kg^-1 A^2 (permittivity)
ε08.8541878128e-12 m^-3 s^4 kg^-1 A^2 (permittivity)
Ω1 m^2 s^-3 kg A^-2 (electric_resistance)
Δν_Cs9192631770 s^-1 (frequency)
Å1/10000000000 (exactly 1e-10) m (length)
sigmaₜ6.6524587321e-29 m^2 (area)
sigmaₑ6.6524587321e-29 m^2 (area)
rₑ2.8179403262e-15 m (length)
mᵤ1.66053906660e-27 kg (mass)
mu₀0.00000125663706212 m s^-2 kg A^-2 (permeability)
kₑ8.9875517922611721606e+9 m^3 s^-4 kg A^-2 (electric_force_constant)
gₙ196133/20000 (exactly 9.80665) m s^-2 (acceleration)
Z₀376.73031366685349096 m^2 s^-3 kg A^-2 (electric_resistance)
Y₀0.002654418727993071279 m^-2 s^3 kg^-1 A^2 (electric_conductance)
H₂O1000 m^-3 kg (mass_density)

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